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A Better Division For QBs Than NFC East?

The Redskins' power play to land Robert Griffin III has a lot of people thinking the NFC East is the best division for quarterbacks in football. But not everyone.

On Monday, the shadow government that is let fly with their own ranking of the league's eight divisions for quarterback play, in a piece authored by newly-acquired former scout Daniel Jeremiah.

Not only did Jeremiah name one grouping better than the superfecta of New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Dallas, he came up with two.

First in his rankings in the NFC South, home to Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Josh Freeman.

Second is the NFC North, which harbors Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler and Christian Ponder.

The East comes in third. Does that sound right?

Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, but Brees and Rodgers have one of their own and have put up better numbers than the East's statistical standard-bearer, Romo.

Stafford's monster year in 2011 seems to fly under the radar, somewhat, and Jay Cutler had the Bears looking like a contender before he was hurt in November.

Ryan has established himself as one of the league's better signal-callers, and in the minds of a lot of folks he belongs in the same discussion with Romo and Vick, if not Manning.

Newton was the league's breakout star last season, arguably just as sensational as Vick was even during his incredible 2010 season. Freeman has had a good year, which Griffin can't say just yet, and Ponder showed signs of life in 2011.

The NFC West, incidentally, dragged up the rear in these rankings, with the great Alex Smith leading the way.

Agree? disagree? Who cares?


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