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A Case For Cowboys As Most Improved

In a daily feature they've dubbed the "Instant Debate," our parental unit that is the league website gathers columnists, reporters, former scouts and satirists to answer a question that has no right or wrong answer.

We know your game,, and we are keeping an eye on you.

On Monday, the question posed to 10 talking heads was this: Which NFL team has improved most this offseason?

Predictably, just about everyone picked out a different answer. Two people said the Buccaneers made the biggest strides, but also mentioned were the Patriots, Bengals, Bills, Redskins, Chargers, Bears and Jaguars.

And, oh yeah, almost forgot . . . the Dallas Cowboys.

Website contributor Dave Dameshek selfishly leaves out what would've surely been a hil-aaa-rious J.R. Ewing joke, but writes that this Dallas team is going places:

*"Who improved the most? I say it's the team that'll represent the NFC in the Super Bowl: the Dallas Cowboys. Like their in-state-counterparts in Houston did a year ago, the Cowboys have turned their woeful secondary into a position of strength. And also like the Texans last season (at least before Matt Schaub went down), Dallas will be the most complete team in its conference.
*"Former Kansas City CB Brandon Carr and sixth overall pick Morris Claiborne oughta give Mike Vick, Eli Manning and Robert Griffin III fits for the next several years. Safety Brodney (Pool), who's very good against the pass, provides further help. Also, Dan Connor toughens 'em up against the run. Offensively, free-agent signees Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings upgrade the line.

" *It's two years later than Jerry Jones would've liked, but a trip to the Superdome will be a nice consolation prize for missing out on the hometown Super Bowl a couple seasons ago."

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