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A Thing Of Beauty

right? That game didn't really count did it? Well obviously it did, considering the Cowboys and Eagles both ended the year at 11-5 and the Cowboys are the division champs with the season sweep. 

But you get my point. And I can't say I wasn't right there, too. I think we all had our doubts how this team would react when the chips were on the table. Wait, maybe not all of us. The guys in the locker room didn't seem to have any doubt.  

From start to finish against the Eagles, it was rather one-sided. When you take the opening kickoff and march it right down their throat for a touchdown, obviously you send a huge message.  

The defense had quite a message of its own, handling everything that Donovan McNabb could throw at them. Crossing routes, deep balls, screen passes, the Cowboys were just a step or two quicker to the punch.  

Shutout games are usually pretty easy to figure out. This one was no exception.  

The Cowboys' defense just whipped the Eagles' offense up and down the field. The Cowboys did pretty much anything they wanted to on offense. And on special teams, other than a missed field goal that would've only made the thing look worse, the Cowboys controlled that aspect, too, limiting Pro Bowl returner DeSean Jackson to nine yards on two returns.  

No matter if you're playing for a bye or those four-inch Pee Wee trophies they hand out to every player on every team in the recreational league, if you get whipped on all three phases of a game, you'll get whipped on the scoreboard, too.  

Give the Cowboys credit for how they not only won, but dominated the Eagles. Give them credit for how they finished the season when just about everyone outside of the team doubted them.  

Basically, give this team credit for what they've done right now. Yes, there is more football to play. Sure, that 13-year streak without a playoff win still looms and will probably be discussed over and over this week.  

But this team has definitely accomplished something right here and right now. Give them credit, they've definitely deserve it. No matter if there's still some unfinished business.        

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