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Adams Tops Priority List

formed arguably the best dynasty in league history. If they beat the Giants next weekend for their fourth Super Bowl in a seven-year span, in this era of the salary cap, that has to be considered better than what the Packers did in the 60s, the Steelers of the 70s, the 49ers of the 80s, and yes, even your Cowboys of the 1990's. And especially if you throw in the fact that one of their teams went a perfect 19-0, the best record in the history of the NFL.  

OK, back to Adams. The point is, other than New England and Indianapolis, teams are having a hard time staying on top.  

Teams like the Bears, Packers, Bengals, Steelers, Broncos and Eagles - they're up there one year, but don't seem to be able to sustain it very well. The Cowboys can be included in that group as well.  

So when the door is open, you better walk right through it, keep your foot jammed in there so it doesn't shut on you fast.  

And this is the window. Right now. The Cowboys are a good football team. In fact, this year, you can argue they were even better than good.  

Who cares how good? They didn't win. They're not playing anymore, so it wasn't good enough.  

But this is a really good, talented football team. It has lots of young talent on defense. It's got playmakers on offense, even though the biggest one of all is also getting up there in age. Terrell Owens just turned 34, so his days of dominating at his position appear to be coming to an end soon, although it was hard to tell last year.  

And the same could be said for Adams.  

Isn't there a saying out there that the NFL is a "show-me league"? Usually that means you have to show me something, before we give you a big contract. Or you have to show me that you can play before you make this team. 

Well, the same should go on the flip side.  

Flozell, you have to show me that you're getting too old and your play is about to decline. Because until then, I'm gonna continue to pay you like the dominating left tackle that you are, and have been.  

That would be my mindset if the decision were mine.  

Sure, that philosophy can get you burned at times. Especially if he has no good years left in him. If you sign him to a four- or five-year deal and he bombs out after one, well then, you might have a problem.  

But the guy who makes the decisions for this team, he's quite a gambler. He'll take a risk or three every once in a while.  

And he might take a few more considering just how bad he wants to get back to the Super Bowl.  

He knows his chances of getting back there might not last long. So you better make the most of the opportunity you have now.  

And right now, the Cowboys have a great left tackle. Not sure how long he'll be great. But the same could be said for the Cowboys as well.  

All the more reason to go with the flow and lock up that left side once again.                    

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