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Adding Veteran QB Sounding More Likely

Since Tony Romo began the 2007 season as the Cowboys' starting quarterback, it's been a priority for the team to have a veteran backup.

Brad Johnson filled that role for two years, struggling during a three-game starting stint in 2008. The Cowboys then traded for Jon Kitna prior to the 2009 season, and were happy with the presence he brought to the locker room, as well as his performance in the second half of the 2010 season after Romo was lost to a broken collarbone. Kitna has retired to begin a career as a coach and teacher at his high school in Washington state.

"He really handled himself well as the leader of our team," Garrett said. "We thought it was a great value having a guy like that. Stephen McGee is growing into that position, but I wouldn't be surprised if we created more competition at that position, whether it was through free agency, on through the draft, to try to address that to try to make that position as good as you can make it."

McGee has been with the Cowboys since 2009 and has shown signs of steady growth, but it doesn't sound like the team believes he is ready to fill such a key role.

In 2008, when the Cowboys lost two of Johnson's starts, they missed the playoffs by one game. Again in 2011 they were a game away from the postseason.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones believes the Cowboys have the talent to compete for a playoff spot and in turn a Super Bowl appearance, and doesn't want to waste an opportunity to do so because of weak depth at the quarterback position.

"I'm very much a pro-activist in making sure we've got a backup quarterback who can win ballgames if we don't have Romo," Jones said. "We cannot afford to lose a game or two that we might have won with a better backup quarterback if Romo is out for a couple ballgames. I'm very committed to doing the best job we can at making the best decision at backup quarterback."

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