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!Bennett missed Sunday's preseason opener with a lingering ankle injury.

and five weeks before the regular season. Romo has to trust him. Garrett has to trust him. When coaches showed snippets of their film to the media this offseason, Bennett made assignment mistakes on two of the three plays. Those have to be eliminated. They just have to, or else we'll be saying the same things about Bennett a year from now and he'll still be getting upset by the way the media picks on him. It happens because the talent is so obvious, and too many times he's given something to point to as reason to believe he's not doing everything he can to be as successful as he should. Cutting ties with the YouTube channel was a start, but what's more important is making the most of the time he has at work. That goes for the book and film work as well as the stress, or the fear of failure, or whatever it is that eats at someone striving to be great.

We know you're cool Martellus, but that doesn't really do anything for us.

There would be no better time than now for Marty B to prove he gets it. He won't be doing his job and Phillips,' but it would sure help if he alone could have the passing game production the Cowboys were expecting to get from the two of them together. There's no reason he can't easily have 35 catches, 400 yards and five touchdowns while still dominating the line of scrimmage as a blocker.

As challenges go, that's not asking a lot from a guy who should be able to do twice as much.

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