An Overdue Thank You

Written by Nicole Bulcher

Being on the veteran side of training camp this year opened my eyes to how much certain people helped me last year and I want to write an official thank you to them!

Thank you Meredith for being the BEST group leader and support system from Day 1. From introducing me to your family and the Swatzells, to working extra with me on dances outside of practice, to convincing the other leaders and Kelli and Judy that I was worth the investment, it all is daunting knowing what happens on the other side of training camp and I really can't thank you enough for opening the doors to, what has been so far, the greatest chapter of my life. I speak for many others in saying that we miss you, but are so thankful for how you've influenced our lives.

My next thank you is to Miss Jordan Chanley, who reminded me maybe the third night of training camp that I needed to pray. I can't help but smile remembering her holding my shoulders, saying, "Nicole, have you been praying everyday?" She could sense that I was approaching the brink of a meltdown and just pulled me aside in the locker room at Valley Ranch to share her comforting and caring spirit. Even when she and Brittany were injured right before the first game of the season and were on crutches, never have I seen more smiles than both of those girls had. Jordan even had to sit out most of the games because of her knee surgery, but she faithfully came to every practice to do her physical therapy exercises with more optimism than I could've mustered in her situation. So thank you again Jordan for being wonderful all the time and for reminding me of the important things.

I also would like to thank Brooke for letting me in the loop on information that helped me through training camp. I'll never forget the first "veteran-rookie" pool party that CMT filmed the day after training camp started. I thought it wasn't a big deal if I left early and didn't get in the pool. Little did I realize that the previous year a rookie did that and was misinterpreted as having a poor attitude and ultimately released from training camp. I'm so glad you recognized I just didn't know the ropes and gave me the heads-up to stay and enjoy myself. I ended up having a lot of fun that day and I'm very thankful for all of the little things you let me know all summer that I could've easily overlooked. So for the insight on everything from wearing heels to my makeover day to working out faithfully with Jay at boot camp, thank you for the scoop!

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