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Atten-TION: Titans Next

(Sunday). So let's get back at it. 

Now I'm sure Tennessee could help his efforts. You know, starting Kerry Collins should put fear in the Cowboys. He's beaten the Cowboys, no matter if it's been with Carolina, New Orleans, the Giants or Oakland, in 10 of 14 starts. They should remember. Collins last beat 'em last year with the 4-12 Raiders, and he played his best game of this short season so far in Sunday's loss to the Dolphins, completing 19 of 33 passes for 269 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. 

But I'm guessing Collins' 42.3 QB rating, quashed mostly by his 1-6 touchdown-to-interception difference, won't create much more than a ripple on the anxiety scale. 

That is why Tennessee head coach Jeff Fisher could do everyone out here at The Ranch a favor by announcing on Tuesday Vince Young will make his NFL starting debut Sunday, Oct. 1, at LP Field against the Dallas Cowboys. Put that sucker in three-inch headlines. Let SportsCenter fall all over itself. 

That would get the Cowboys' attention. 

They know all about Vince Young, having played his college ball about 200 miles away down I-35. They know how he single-handedly won last season's national championship for the Longhorns of Texas. They know he was the third pick in this year's NFL Draft. They know what he can do with his legs. 

And guarantee you, the last thing pro athletes want happening to them is getting embarrassed by some rookie quarterback, and I don't care who he is. His presence on the field will juice them up, cause them to pay even more attention to detail in meetings this week and likely practice with a tad more intensity than what would be the norm coming off a bye preparing for a team that has won all of three games since Sept. 18 of last year.  

Saw some of that immediately in training camp when wide receiver Terrell Owens went to the line for one-one-one drills against the Cowboys defensive backs, most notably Terence Newman and Anthony Henry. Suddenly, this was not just another practice rep. 

Talking to Henry more than a week ago, he said you're darn right going up against Owens got his attention. "No one wants to get embarrassed," he would say. 

Now Fisher doesn't seem inclined to start Young, especially after most reviews of Sunday's game declared that Collins' best performance of the season, and for the first time Young didn't even get into the game. And it's not as if the rookie quarterback has lit things up when he did get an opportunity to play in those first two games, completing 10 of 23 passes for 133 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and averaging just 5.8 yards an attempt. Has run five times for 24 yards. 

But you know, even if Collins is the starter, the Cowboys likely will be forced to prepare for both quarterbacks, just since their styles are so different. That will help from an attention standpoint. So will working straight through this week after getting two consecutive off days. 

Bill will be working it this week. He leaves nothing to chance. And if Fisher doesn't cooperate, don't be surprised by a little manufactured tension this week around here. Mark my words. 

And here, put my bottom dollar on it.                 

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