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Auditions Questions #4

Written by Nicole Bulcher

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity of going on an out-of-town appearance with Brittney Schram and Katy Marie.

We had a great time and Shelly Bramhall (Assistant Choreographer/DCC Staff) was our chaperone. We all took this chance to bounce audition solo ideas off of her—she is the resident solo expert and many girls enlist her talents to make their costumes and choreograph their dances. So, after soul-searching myself this weekend about what music to chose, I feel more prepared to offer advice.

So for the ever-common question: "What kind of song should I use for my solo?" I'll try to lend some assistance!

First, pick the style of dance in which you feel most confident. I've heard more than once, don't do a genre or a song that you think the judges want to see, do one that reflects YOU! Your confidence is something the judges want to see! For example, we have girls on the team who are strong lyrical dancers and steal the solo portion of finals (e.g. Whitney!). Sasha blew everyone away both years doing hardcore hip-hop, and last year, she completed the look with baggy camo pants and fingerless gloves!

After you have chosen a genre of dance, pick your music. Keep in mind that the DCC organization strikes a tricky balance between sexy and wholesome… so I would just say don't forget where you will be dancing this piece!

My first year, I used Beyonce's "Freakum' Dress" (still LOVE that song!) and did a lackluster job compared to Evan Anderson who was a returning veteran using the same song. We were both touching up makeup in the bathroom when a fellow DCC-hopeful innocently asked what my song was going to be. I said, "Oh, it's an old Beyonce song…you've probably never hear it." Little did I know, Evan was right next to us and when I said Freakum' Dress, she said that was hers too! Talk about intimidation!!! You do want to find a song that strikes a chord with you, but don't worry if someone else also has it-those things happen. I still laugh about that because to this day, everyone thankfully remembers Evan's solo and not mine!

Last year, I chose to mix Janet Jackson's "Escapade" with Britney Spears' "Circus" and have a little circus theme. I chose those songs because they made me feel good. They also passed the test of being on my workout playlist all season and I never got tired of hearing them! This year, will be a surprise, but I will say it's a popular song right now and I immediately start dancing when it comes on the radio!

The best thing to do is to choose the right solo for you. Pick a style you're strong and confident in performing, and find a song you can connect those feelings with; the judges are all looking for something different so you cannot cater this part of auditions towards them. Happy solo-hunting!

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