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Backup Plans

!Even a potential 1st-rounder like Alabama's Terrence Cody would be a backup for the Cowboys in 2010.

a situational player offensively for the first year, given his lack of experience and timing with Tony Romo. It usually takes receivers at least a year to figure things out in the NFL. 

A month from now everyone will have formed an opinion on the draft class for each team, and a reoccurring complaint will likely be that the Cowboys didn't get better right away. That's because they can't fill big holes given the situation. 

They can get better, though, and secure the team for several years to come. They can add an interior offensive lineman who could start in 2011, when Kyle Kosier's contract will have expired. They can add much-needed depth at middle linebacker and cornerback. They might even find a pass-rush specialist or a returner. They could go after a developmental type at tackle or wide receiver. These guys are all going to be backups in the beginning. 

So long as they aren't still seen as backups 15 years later, it won't be the worst draft the Cowboys ever had.

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