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Bedhead Beautiful

Written by Cassie Trammell

My mornings always start out with a really, really bad hairdo when I get out of bed. I can't sleep if I have any hair touching my neck, so I snooze with a giant, messy bun-concoction-type thing on the very top of my head. Therefore, when I wake up and let my hair down, I have a crinkly mess. Thank goodness there are Bedhead products to get me through the entire day.

I wash my hair every other day so that it doesn't dry out. On the days that I don't wash it, I use Bedhead's "Dirty Secret" dry shampoo on my roots, which gives it volume and soaks up any oils in my hair. It's in a black bottle with a green top. I also spray dry conditioner, in a silver bottle, on hair from my ears down. Both of these products are from the "Rockaholic" line, and they both work wonders! Plus, the dry conditioner smells great.

For the days that I do wash my hair, I use their detangling spray right after my wash. Then I spray "Your Highness" root boost on my roots while I am blow-drying and round-brushing my hair. It gives my thin hair so much more volume. Sometimes I also use the blow dry lotion that protects your hair from heat.

After my blow dry, if I straighten my hair I don't use much product, just the Bedhead flat iron. However, if I curl it with my Bedhead curl stick, I use a couple of different products. Before curling each section of hair, I spray "Your Highness" firm hold hairspray, to make it easier to curl my layers. This unique curling iron is literally just a hot stick with no clamp, so it's easy to burn yourself if you don't use the right technique. But by using the firm hold spray, all my layers in each section of hair kind of stick together, so I don't burn my fingers trying to hold each piece down on the curl stick.

All you do after that is wrap the hair around it, starting from the large part of the curl stick then working your way down. My hair looks better if I curl it in a direction away from my face, but some people like to curl their hair the opposite way. After I am finished using the curl stick, I spray the cleverly named "Totally Beachin" body waves and styling mist. Not only does it make my hair fall into beautiful waves rather than tight curls, but it also smells amazing. The bottle says it is vanilla, mango and coconut, which I think makes your hair smell like a relaxing day on the beach!

I have many more Bedhead products that I use on other occasions, but this is my day-to-day hair routine in a nutshell. Whether you have a job like mine (and our hair must be perfect enough to represent the DCC!), or even a job where your hairstyle doesn't matter, Bedhead has the product for you. I hope some of you will go out and try these products because they really do make life much easier!

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