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'Boys Had Claim On Gordon, But Not In Supplemental Round 2

Leading up to Thursday's Supplemental Draft, the conventional wisdom was that a number of teams were willing to take a flyer on Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in the middle rounds.

The question, really, was which team wanted him badly enough to give a second-round pick. That team was Cleveland, who owned the No. 2 selection in each round, behind only Buffalo.

While the Cowboys did, in fact, put in a bid for Gordon, according to front office whispers, it was not in the second round.

That the team wouldn't pay even money for Gordon could mean a few things, but is perhaps another indication that they prefer to see things through with the wide receivers already on the roster.

Seven other players were eligible to be picked on Thursday, but the Cowboys aren't expected to attempt to sign any of them as free agents.

*UPDATE: *The Cowboys' bid for Gordon is believed to have been in the third round. However, the team had a second-round grade on the receiver, according to a source.

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