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Buildup To Sunday May Not Be Understated

The NFL Network, ESPN and NBC, as well as local TV and sports talk radio stations will all be doing their part to make sure fans don't somehow forget that there's an NFC East title on the line at the Meadowlands on Sunday.

So will the Giants and Cowboys, it's likely.

Already defensive end Justin Tuck is talking openly of his hatred for the Cowboys. Earlier this month, DeMarcus Ware said that was the case because Tuck wishes he played in Dallas.

While the rivalry hasn't cooled any, these Cowboys don't engage in as much trash talking as they have in years past, with characters like Patrick Crayton and Terrell Owens gone.

"Talking trash doesn't do anything for you, you've got to go do it," defensive end Marcus Spears said. "That's Coach (Jason) Garrett's message also. You've got to go do it. You can talk about it all week, talk about how you want to do things and how you want to be great as a football team, but Sunday is the chance to do it."

There is, of course, no love loss between big running back Brandon Jacobs and the Cowboys defense. Jacobs had a big day in Arlington in Week 14, which he punctuated with a strangely heartfelt pelvic thrust dance on the star logo in the end zone following a touchdown.

Jacobs, of course, had plenty to say to (and about) Jets head coach Rex Ryan and family after Sunday's win. With the other Ryan brother a famously expressive defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, it's not unlikley that some cross-country barbs will fly this week.

"He was doing that before he got here," Spears said. "That's his personality. One thing about Rob (Ryan), though, when you reference talking trash, he always puts it on his players. I think that is a mechanism he uses to let guys know 'I believe in you 100 percent,' more than him just going at another guy personally or individually."

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