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Callahan Has History With Saints G Nicks

Still almost two months until the start of free agency, the hot name to connect with the Cowboys right now is Saints guard Carl Nicks.

We've kicked it around in the mailbag and on the radio shows. It would make all kinds of sense to bring in the two-time All-Pro should he get away from New Orleans, especially if the finances add up. The Cowboys have a major need at guard.

Despite gaining a reputation for off-the-field disruptions while he was in school, Nicks is still held in high esteem by incoming Cowboys line coach Bill Callahan

Callahan was the head coach at Nebraska during Nicks' playing days there.

"All I can go by is my experience with him at Nebraska," Callahan said. "He was awfully talented. He's really matured into the fine player he is today. He's dominant in every respect, and I think his play provides a lot of firmness in that pocket for Drew (Brees) to step up into. But I've got a lot of respect for Carl and how he's developed himself as a pro down in New Orleans. I have a good friend who's a line coach there that speaks very highly of him, so I'm happy of his success."

Might the Cowboys' addition of Bill Callahan as offensive line coach make them a favorite to land Nicks?

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