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Catching On

!Sure, it's early, but Bryant is expected to have an immediate role in multi-WR sets.

showed in 2009. He has the frame to help on third downs and in the red zone, where the Cowboys scored touchdowns on only 26 of 52 attempts last year. 

And although Crayton's future status looks uncertain right now, you can't discount his rapport with Romo, as well as his steady production for six seasons. 

Austin, Williams, Bryant, Crayton, Ogletree, you name it. You never know what's going to happen during the course of a 17-week season and who might need to step up. 

That's what makes this competition thing so great. The more you get pushed, the bigger boost the team gets. 

Which leads to the teamwork part of Williams' answer on Bryant, the one that got lost in translation: 

"The competition level's going to be high," he said. "I'm trying to make him better, not only for him but for the Dallas Cowboys and the future. He's the future guy for this football team, everybody knows that, and I want him to be the man come real soon." 

It's unfair to pencil in 60 catches and 8 touchdowns from Bryant right now in late May. Let's conduct a training camp practice and even a preseason game first.  

But don't just presume that this supremely talented rookie can't make a dent right away. That would be a baaaad assumption on everyone's part.   

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