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Change Is Needed

!For the first time, Jones opted not to answer when pressed about Wade Phillips' future as head coach

Add it all up, and it's easy to say this guy isn't the right coach for this team. People have been saying it for years.  

In my opinion, I think Wade is a good football coach. You don't coach in the league for 33 years if you're not any good. That's just a fact. We all know that.  

This guy has been a great defensive coach for years. But guess what, this defense is pretty bad right now.  

And more importantly, Jerry knows all of that. He knows Wade is really a good football coach. That won't change if he's here or not.  

The real dilemma that often gets overlooked, and something Jerry certainly hasn't forgotten, is the CBA situation.  

Sure, you might say it's easy to cut ties with the head coach. Just put an interim coach like Jason Garrett, or Joe DeCamillis or maybe even Paul Pasqualoni and finish the year.  

The problem with that is you might be stuck with that coach for next year. Because of these labor talks continue, there's a good chance the owners go through with the lockout. That could mean a stoppage of all NFL functions right after the draft. So that means, if you've got a new coach with a new staff and probably a brand new scheme, you're not going to be able to implement it until everything gets resolved.  

And who knows when that will be, but it won't be surprising if it's one of those last-hour deals, which could go right into August or September.  

Not exactly ideal for a new coach.  

And all of those are things Jerry has been wrestling with for a while now.  

But at some point, enough is enough. This team still has to play a second half of the season. This team has nationally-televised games, like next week against the Giants, which Fox is calling the "America's Game of the Week." They've got the annual Thanksgiving Day game against the Super Bowl champions.  

They've got the Sunday Night Football game against the Eagles at home, and then the NFL Network game on Christmas night against the Cardinals.  

Not to mention, these home games against the Lions and Redskins. At this rate, this big, beautiful stadium in Arlington is going to be half-full.  

And who can blame the fans for not wanting to watch this? I don't.  

They're tired of seeing this team. They're tired of seeing mistakes. They're tired of seeing bad play calls. They're tired of seeing penalties. They're tired of seeing this mess. And point blank, they're tired of seeing Wade.  

He's not the only reason the Cowboys are 1-7. But unfortunately for him, a change has to be made. And in this business, that change typically involves the general manager or the head coach, if not both.  

Since the guy calling the shots already owns one of those titles, I think we know how it's going to play out.  

Whether or not this move should've been made a while ago is irrelevant, because it wasn't.  

Whether or not this move will actually change what we're seeing on the field, has become irrelevant, too.  

Either way the Cowboys need a change and Jerry is now left with no other choice but to do what he's been dreading for a while.          

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