Claiborne Feeling Better, But Still Work To Be Done On Injury Recovery

ARLINGTON, Texas – If you're uncertain what exactly is ailing Morris Claiborne, you aren't alone – Claiborne himself isn't sure what to call it.

"I've heard different things, too," he said.

Having heard Claiborne describe it, though, there's no denying it's painful, and there's not much surprise as to why the fifth-year corner is still a ways away from playing again.

"I think the worst part is where my pelvis is at – I tore a piece of the bone off the pelvis," he said. "It's something that's supposed to be able to heal on its own, so that's where we're at now – giving it time to heal."

Claiborne suffered the injury at the end of regulation against Philadelphia on Oct. 30. The possibility of surgery was mentioned at the time, but the Cowboys opted to give Claiborne time to recover, and he seems to be responding so far.

"Right now, it appears to be feeling better than what it was," he said. "At first, I couldn't do nothing with it – not even sit up. It's much better now."

It feels so much better that Claiborne said he was able to begin resistance training last week, though he isn't ready to move at full speed. That has to be considered a good sign for his recovery, but it seems clear that his possibility for return is a bit further off.

"I guess in a couple of weeks here, we'll be able to get another MRI to see how it's healing up to this point. I guess we'll go from there," he said.

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