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Cobb Looking To Continue Success vs. NFC North


The Cowboys didn't have their full lineup of receivers on the field Monday, which feels like a Thursday as the Cowboys prepare for another unique schedule.

Randall Cobb was sick and missed practice, although the Cowboys are hopeful to get him back for the game this Thursday in Chicago.  

Judging off his performances this season, Cobb is much needed against the Bears, another NFC North opponent that he's familiar with.

The longtime Green Bay Packer has played many games against the Bears. Not only that, but he's seen plenty of success along the way.

"Yeah I know them well," Cobb said with a smile, considering his Packers won 13 of 14 career meetings against the Bears. "They have a good defense. Knowing them, they have an excellent pass rush up front and some ball hawks in the back end. Their safeties have range; they have good corners. It's going to be a good challenge for us, but we're up for it."

But while this is a new team, a new quarterback and a new offense for Cobb, he has shown already this year that he can take advantage of familiarity.

His only two 100-yard receiving games this year have occurred against the Lions and Vikings, two NFC North opponents that he also played several times with the Packers. 

Against the Vikings on Nov. 10, Cobb had a season-high with 106 yards, including a 22-yard touchdown. The next week in Detroit, Cobb went for 115 yards on four catches and another touchdown – a 19-yard reception from Dak Prescott.

"I can't tell you the reason why," Cobb said of NFC North success. "But I am familiar with those guys. I played against them for a number of years. It's just trying to make plays and make the most of the opportunities when I get them."

Speaking of cashing in with the opportunities, Cobb said the entire offense has to improve in the red zone. The Cowboys have struggled mightily inside the 20-yard line, having to settle for field goals, and not always making them.

The Cowboys are 17th in the NFL in red-zone scoring (54.6 TD percentage) but rank 20th in goal-to-go scoring, (66.6 percent TD percentage).

"We're driving the ball. We just have to make sure we get into the end zone," Cobb said. "We know what it takes, it's just going out there and executing. I think the guys know the sense of urgency we have. We can't miss out on these opportunities."