Could Newman Return At The Right Price?

Considered the Cowboys veteran most likely to be released at some point this offseason, Terence Newman's future with the team is very much up in the air.

While owner Jerry Jones tacitly confirmed as much during an interview at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday, he went on to explain why he hasn't made up his mind on the cornerback just yet.

"There has been a difference in his play," Jones said. "How much of that was because of a new scheme, you can make a question. But I'm just not ready to get into where we're going to go with that. It obviously has financial implications relative to the roster. On the other hand, under one scenario, he could be good value."

Newman would likely need to restructure the final three years remaining on his deal considerably. He is scheduled to make a little over $8 million in 2012.

"Again, we haven't visited," Jones said. "I haven't discussed that with him and his representative. But he still has his speed. And what you have to do to complete this whole comment is tell me what you're going to do to replace him, and I'm not there yet."

Free agency and the draft would offer some options, and Jones said the Cowboys needed to add a good player in the secondary this offseason. Third cornerback Orlando Scandrick would seem to be in consideration for a promotion as well, but the Cowboys weren't totally pleased with his play as a fill-in starter for Mike Jenkins last year.

"He's a real value to us in star (slot cornerback)," Jones said. "Was he challenged doing both last year? Probably moreso in hindsight than we thought he would. We thought he could do both. Was it a challenge to him to do both? Probably. It's hard to do both."

Scandrick signed a five-year, $27 million extension during training camp last year.

"I'm glad to have him and glad to have that contract," Jones said. "Wouldn't dare go back there again and try to do better with a different player or different money. We think that much of him. He's that important to us for our future. He's a good player, a smart player. We've just got to play him right."

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