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Cowboys Mailbag: April 13, 2012

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TONY GRAY LAMARQUE, TX: Do you think the Cowboys should trade Felix Jones?

Rob: No. Hypothetically, I don't think we're talking about a first- or second-rounder in a trade, but the main reason is they've got a nice tandem of Jones and DeMarco Murray when both are healthy. The rotation could look a lot different a year from now when Jones is a free agent, but why mess with it if you're trying to win this year? He has an injury history, but he adds a speed dimension that this offense needs. I'm not sure Jones will be re-signed after 2012, and it wouldn't surprise me if they draft a running back to compete with Phillip Tanner. But right now there's no need to subtract from a position of strength.

Josh: So, what do you think you could get for him right now? A fourth-round pick, maybe? A fifth? Remember, if the Cowboys choose not to re-sign Jones a year from now, they should stand to net a compensatory pick the following year. In essence, it's the same as trading him. Everybody has seen some nice things out of Phillip Tanner, but the Cowboys might not be ready to make him their No. 2 guy. That's really an ideal role for Jones. I'm sure they've discussed it, because they discuss everything, but it's probably not a serious consideration.

SCOTT PINEAU TUNKHANNOCK, PA: Do you think there is any merit in looking to acquire Braylon Edwards - a guy who has plenty to prove - since he could possibly be had for a bargain?

Rob:Not a bad name. Like any free agent who's still available, there are questions that have to be answered. For Edwards, it's knee and shoulder injuries. Is he healthy, and can he still be productive? He hasn't been the same player in recent years. Drops have been an issue.

Josh: Well, he's had plenty to prove for some time now, and that hasn't exactly led to an increase in production, has it? Seeing as how no team he's been on has really wanted to keep him around, I don't think that would be a very good signing. He's just a name at this point. As Laurent Robinson showed last year, you don't have a great pedigree to succeed as the No. 3 wide out. The Cowboys should look for a guy who is trending up, not down.

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