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Cowboys Mailbag: April 16, 2012

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TAYLOR SMITH ARLINGTON, TX: How do you think Anthony Spencer's contract situation will eventually be resolved?

Nick: I think it's too early to figure that out. Let's see what happens in the draft. If they Cowboys end up getting a rusher like Dont'a Hightower then I think for sure Spencer stays on the one-year deal. But if no real replacement has been drafted, it wouldn't surprise me if the Cowboys come up with a deal.

Josh: No way to know just yet. His decision to change agents appears to be a sign he's dissatisfied with how little progress there had been in any discussions of a contract extension. The last time we heard from Stephen Jones, he said the team was content to leave Spencer on the one-year deal. My gut is that he will get something worked out to stay here long-term. But his future is pretty wide open at this point.

CARLTON BARBER TRENTON, NJ: Would it be a good investment to use a mid-round draft pick on Ryan Broyles, the Oklahoma wide receiver who injured his knee last season?

Nick:That's been the Cowboys' way for several guys in the past. Jerry likes to take injured guys with value. But, with Broyles, he ran a 4.5 in his Pro Day last week. That doesn't seem to be too far off where he was in the past. So I don't think you'll get a major discount with him. He seems like he'll be ready for camp. I bet the Cowboys, or many other teams for that matter, won't be afraid to take him.

Josh: If their scouts love what Broyles did in college, I wouldn't have a problem with the Cowboys taking Broyles. In most cases I'm perfectly fine with taking guys whose stock has dropped because of injuries. The only thing I see that would work against Broyles in the Cowboys' eyes is his height. He's a 5-10 guy. This team prefers bigger wide outs.

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