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Cowboys Mailbag: April 20, 2012

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JUDSON MAURER PENN RUN, PA: Could the Cowboys trade up to get Mark Barron?

Nick: I'm starting to see that scenario more often about Barron possibly not being there. My gut says no. As good as he might be, I think this team needs its picks. Moving up probably costs them a second or maybe a third. I just don't think moving up to . . . let's say 10 or 11 . . . is a sure thing. Even a guy at that spot might not pan out. I wouldn't risk moving up. Moving back? Yeah maybe, but not the other way. If there was a solid pass-rusher, I'd consider it more.

Rob: Tell me how far they'd have to jump up and how much they'd have to trade and I'll have an answer. I don't believe in dipping into next year's draft picks – which they would probably have to do to reach the top 10 – unless that player is a can't-miss, franchise type of guy. Is Barron that? I don't know. They like him, but there are a lot of players in this mid-first round range they believe can help them.

BRENDAN MCAULEY NEW YORK, NY: Why is it that so many prognosticators – including yourselves - keep changing what your mock drafts?

Nick:Because no one knows anything! Back in the day, the only mock draft you'd see was right before the draft. Now, we get so bored and hungry for stuff around February and March that mock drafts start coming out more. So it's fun to guess, but the reality of it all – we really don't know. You shouldn't take any of our mocks, or anyone else's mock draft, too serious in my opinion. It's really all for fun!

Rob: Because the Cowboys have a lot of needs, and by doing so much in free agency, they've set themselves up to go in a lot of different directions if necessary. And there are a lot of players to consider, not just eight. Besides, it's a mock draft. Would you guys come back to read the same picks from us each week?

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