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Cowboys Mailbag: April 23, 2012

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LARUE JAMAUR PORTSMOUTH, VA: If New England is willing to trade its two first round picks (No. 27 and No. 31), to move up to No. 14, would you take the deal?

Nick: I think I'd do it, but I don't see the Patriots making that move. The Patriots are good at developing players and finding good fits for their scheme. I'd take two guys rather than one, especially if you had the success New England has had.

Josh: I would certainly be open to it if I were the Cowboys, but I wouldn't expect New England to be calling with any such offer. The Pats' strategy has been to pile up early picks and trade out when they aren't enamored with any of the guys available. It's more likely New England would trade down than trade up.

JOSHUA AIKEN NEW CASTLE, DE: Does Anthony Spencer signing his franchise tender effect the Cowboys' odds of drafting an outside linebacker like Courtney Upshaw of Alabama?

Nick:I don't think anything that happens with Spencer affects the draft, other than now having the luxury to pass on a pass-rusher if you need to. Signing Spencer for one year just takes the "need" away. But if Upshaw is worthy of the pick, go for it. If not, try to get one later in the draft and see how the year pans out with Spencer.

Josh: Jerry Jones has been asked that question pretty directly this offseason, and he says that adding a pressure player is important to him even if Spencer is on board. I don't think the Cowboys necessarily will be picking an outside linebacker in the first round or two, but I also don't think Spencer's signature will have a huge bearing on that decision.

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