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Cowboys Mailbag: April 26, 2012

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Matt Colbert - Woodbridge, VA: This is starting to remind me of last year's draft where everyone's mock draft had Tyron Smith going to the Cowboys. Do you think Mark Barron will be a Cowboy Thursday night?

Nick: I don't think it's that simple at all. In fact, I think there are about four or five legitimate possibilities. I think that's what happens when you talk about No. 9 and No. 14. So much can happen to shake up the board. It appears Mark Barron is still the favorite, but I wouldn't rule out DeCastro, Brockers, Upshaw, Poe or Kirkpatrick.

Rob: That's been my guess, but the first round looks unpredictable after the first five picks or so. Maybe a team like Buffalo grabs Barron before he gets to 14 and the Cowboys aren't willing to trade up. Maybe the Cowboys decide there's better value in a guy like David DeCastro or a greater need in a defensive lineman like Michael Brockers. Or – brace yourselves – they trade down a few spots and gamble on who will still be on the board.

Joe Putnam - Richfield Springs, NY: I can't believe that the Cowboys would think about wasting a first-round pick on the offensive line, when they already have a ton of draftees and free agents on this roster.

Nick: They wouldn't "waste" the pick if they were convinced DeCastro would be a 10-year starter and regular Pro Bowler. He's a safe pick, but the question is, are there other needs? I would've thought the end of your question would read: "when they have tons of other needs on defense." To me, that's why you don't take the guard because you just HAVE to get defensive help. But those other guys that were signed wouldn't prevent me from taking DeCastro if he's available.

Rob: You're obviously referring to DeCastro, and that speculation speaks to the value he potentially brings in the middle of the first round. Yes, he's a guard, but the general consensus is he'll be a fixture in the starting lineup and maybe the Pro Bowl for at least a decade. That's a pretty safe pick at 14, and there's a chance he could play center, where the Cowboys would like some competition for Phil Costa. And really, signing Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings doesn't mean they're set at guard for the next few years. It does seem to hurt David Arkin's chances of developing into a starter.

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