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Cowboys Mailbag: April 30, 2012

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Joe Liska - Eldersburg, MD: Why would we be trying to trade Mike Jenkins? He is much better than Orlando Scandrick and we won't get anything for him anyway.

Nick: I agree about not trying to shop Jenkins around. If you get value for him, take it. That'd be the case regardless who you got in the first round. But I surely wouldn't be afraid to go to camp with those four top corners. You know someone is getting hurt and they'll all be needed.

Josh: I think a big reason it's such a consideration right now is because the Cowboys had to package that second-round pick to get in position to take Morris Claiborne. In doing so, you lose out on what should be a quality, starting-caliber player at a position the Cowboys still need to address – offensive line, safety, defensive line or pass rush. Overall he is a better corner than Scandrick. But Scandrick is a better slot corner, and whoever the third corner is, he's going to have to play in the slot. I don't know about not getting anything for Jenkins. He's a former Pro Bowl player who is in his prime. He's got some value.

Jeff Gallo - Lafayette, CO: I loved the move to go up and get Morris Claiborne, but is he that much better than Dre Kirkpatrick? If the Cowboys stayed at No. 14 they could have had Kirkpatrick and still had their second-round pick.

Nick: Yes, he is much better. He's bigger, stronger, faster and doesn't have a sketchy past. I definitely see your argument. I made the same one about going up for Fletcher Cox or just staying put and getting Michael Brockers. I know what you're saying but in this case, I think it's a significant difference in talent.

Josh: It's a fair argument. This team might not be a Deion Sanders away from contending for a Super Bowl or even a division title. At the same time, boy, you'd like to have a Deion Sanders, wouldn't you? That's what the Cowboys are getting. He's the consensus best defensive player in this class. You can't hate the move.

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