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Cowboys Mailbag: August 18, 2011

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@TrulyTrill: What is more likely to be done with the remaining cap space – contract extensions and restructurings, or additional free agent signings?

Nick: Whatever isn't used this year can be rolled into next year and the Cowboys will need all the help they can get on next year's cap. But it also gives them a chance to add another player if needed. Although I wouldn't hold your breath on anyone too exciting at this point.

Josh: I've got to think they're going to be players on the waiver wire upon final cuts because there should be some people out there who can help them at spots like swing tackle and wide receiver. I don't think they have to go after any big names. Maybe they can work out an extension with Jason Witten or Jay Ratliff and front-load the deal to create more cap space for next year.

@BamaJohnson: Do you think the Cowboys have a backup safety on the roster who would truly be ready to take over next year?

Nick: If that person is here, I think it's Barry Church. Obviously it will be hard for him to get any time this year with Elam and Sensabaugh starting. Clearly, Church didn't show enough in that week of practicing with the first unit because the Cowboys went out and added two vets. But because they're only one-year contracts for both of them, maybe a guy like Church or/and Owusu-Ansah will get the shot next year. I can see Church being a starter down the line.

Josh: I think the only way that'll happen is if there's an injury this year that boosts someone like Barry Church into a starting role for a few weeks or longer. If they know that one of their young guys can do the job, they'll have more confidence in making him a starter next year than just giving the promotion without proof.

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