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Cowboys Mailbag: August 29, 2011

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@christodd10: We've seen them play a game now, so how much playing time do you see for Tashard Choice and DeMarco Murray this year?

Nick: About the same as any second and third back get. I would see Murray getting more touches as the season goes on.

Josh: I would envision 10 or 12 a game for them on average. Felix Jones will get 15-18, and there usually won't be more than 30 touches per game for the running back position.

@JScottLewis: Any chance John Phillips passes Martellus Bennett on the depth chart following Bennett's injury?

Nick: There's always a chance when you get an opportunity. But he'll have to prove to be a solid blocker against opposing defensive ends. That's something Bennett has been very good at during his career.

Josh: No, because I think when healthy they both have separate roles. Bennett will be used more often because he is the better blocker. I don't see either of them becoming great pass-catchers, though. Focus is still a huge issue for Bennett, as his drops the last couple weeks have shown.

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