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Cowboys Mailbag: August 30, 2011

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@Keize: Why do the Cowboys never get anything valuable for players they're letting go? They just cut them and take their losses rather than seek a trade.

Rob: If the Cowboys don't want to keep paying those expensive veteran contracts, chances are other teams don't, either. They asked around about Gurode but his contract was a sticking point. He'll likely sign elsewhere for less than the $5.5 million base salary he had for 2011.

Josh: In general, teams aren't clamoring to pay for guys you're admitting you don't want. Last year the Cowboys got some late round picks for Patrick Crayton and Pat McQuistan, but I think you're asking for picks of real value. Just know that when you trade guys, teams take on their base salary, and that can work against the player.

@Prime903 If the Cowboys only keep five receivers, who will they be, and who would be the sixth?

Rob: Good question. Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree for sure. Dwayne Harris is probably on the team, so then it comes down to Jesse Holley and Raymond Radway. Holley's performance against the Vikings and his special teams value might be enough to move him into that fifth spot.

Josh: I think Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Kevin Ogletree and Jesse Holley are sure to be going to the games. Dwayne Harris will probably be inactive most games, barring injury, as will Raymond Radway if he's convinced the Cowboys to keep him around.

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