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Cowboys Mailbag: December 13, 2011

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HUNTER ESTES FORT WORTH, TX:Todd Haley and Tony Sparano just lost the head coaching positions of their respective teams. Do you see either of them returning to the Cowboys organization in some fashion, much the same as Dave Campo did?

Rob:Not sure about that, because both could be considered for offensive coordinator roles elsewhere, and right now it doesn't appear Jason Garrett is relinquishing those duties. But Sparano was a highly respected coach here whom Garrett leaned on as a first-year coordinator in 2007. He'd be a great addition to this staff, even if it's some type of offensive assistant role.

Josh:I'm sure they can both land offensive coordinator jobs, which Garrett isn't going to give up, and I also don't see anyone on the offensive staff being let go. Sparano is a really good coach, but I don't see a fit here.

A. KAPLAN NEW YORK, NY Do you think Sammy Morris is really the "best" running back to sign right now?

Rob: Especially considering this is a short week, it make sense to sign a guy that's been around Jason Garrett and probably has familiarity with some of his offensive concepts. Morris isn't a young player anymore, but he has always been regarded as a dependable and versatile back. He can spell Felix Jones some and he can play special teams, which helps justify a game-day roster spot.

Josh:Well, Emmitt is unsigned, so they should've just gone after him, right? My point there, and I think what you're really asking, is that there were bigger names available - Clinton Portis, Tiki Barber - but that doesn't mean those guys could come in here and be ready to contribute as both a backup running back and on special teams in a matter of three days. For whatever reason they thought Morris could do it. I'm sure the scouting department told him that Morris had a little something left. He does appear to be in pretty good shape.

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