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Cowboys Mailbag: December 16, 2011

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Jerry Thompson - West Des Moines, IA: As bad as they were last year, and considering their losses in free agency and injuries, is it possible to actually view the Cowboys as over-achievers at this point?

Rob: I think it's more accurate to say they're playing the way they should have played last year: competitive week to week. The roster is in a bit of a transition at some spots like the offensive line. Wouldn't call this a rebuilding year, though. Jerry Jones and the team will view this season as a disappointment if they miss the playoffs.

Josh: It's awfully hard to say that considering the way they've lost five of these six games, owning a lead in the fourth quarter, including three of 12 points or more. They've showed just how good they are in all of those games, yet somehow found a way to lose. That's what's disappointing for fans. However, most people before the season picked the Cowboys to win somewhere between seven and nine games, and they're right on pace for that, with a chance for 10.

Rob Cagley - Shreveport, LA: The Cowboys seem content going with Felix Jones and Sammy Morris at running back, but what if Jones goes down in the first quarter? Shouldn't they be looking for a third running back?

Josh: Yeah, I think they should probably have someone else on the 53-man roster. If Jones is injured, Morris doesn't scare anybody. There has to be somebody on a practice squad somewhere with a little bit of natural ability. We see running backs come out of nowhere all the time, and the Cowboys ought to be looking for one.

Rob: That is a chance they're taking this week. They do have two fullbacks on the active roster as a last resort. Chauncey Washington remains on the practice squad. Injuries across the roster make it difficult to address depth at every position, but it is something to note.

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