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Cowboys Mailbag: December 20, 2011

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Dan Beach - Clayton, NJ: How do you see Rob Ryan changing his defensive scheme this time around against the Eagles?

Nick: I think he'll be a lot more cautious about blitzing, but when he does, they'll have to be aware of LeSean McCoy, who just killed them in the first meeting. I could see the Cowboys blitzing less in this one, even though they probably will show blitz a lot, but just not deliver. You have to let Vick beat you with his arm and not his legs. So I think you'll see more zone, trying to eliminate the big plays – both with the deep ball and in the running game to McCoy.

Josh: Just less aggressive up front, overall, and I don't think he'll be as protective of the big play on the back end. Last time the safeties played so deep that Michael Vick picked the defense apart with the underneath game, and they couldn't come up to help against LeSean McCoy. I think Ryan will play it pretty honest other than third-and-long situations and the occasions that he's got to make something happen.

Louis Williams - Lynchburg, VA: Do you think Tony Romo can win this season's NFL Comeback Player of the Year award?

Nick: I hadn't really thought of him for that, but I'm not sure why I hadn't. Usually that award is for someone coming off an injury, like Romo did. Sometimes it's for a player who hasn't played well the last year or so and bounces back. My first thought for that type of award this year would be a guy like Steve Smith in Carolina. But I think that would be a nice award for Romo and well deserved.

Josh: Excellent thought. I don't know that there would be many other candidates so deserving. He's got to continue to play consistent over these final two weeks and get the team in the playoffs, probably, but it could definitely happen.

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