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Cowboys Mailbag: December 26, 2011

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Eric Dean - Lansing, MI: Should there be any concern about residual pain from the hand injury affecting Tony Romo against the Giants?

Nick: Yeah, I'd be concerned about it. His hand looked like a grapefruit two days ago and now you're counting on that same hand to go win the NFC East. Concerned? Yes, I'd be.

Josh: The team doesn't seem worried. There isn't any structural damage, and I'd imagine the swelling will be down by Sunday. Romo won't use it as an excuse, and if he has a bad game I don't think his critics will give him a break because of the injury, either.

Terry Blake - Houston, TX: Even with the Giants beating the Jets, the Cowboys would've had a slight Wild Card chance with a win over Philly. Why did Jason Garrett not seem to play for that on Saturday?

Nick: Well, you've already seen your QB injured. Who's next? And don't forget what had to happen for that Wild Card scenario to play out: the Falcons had to lose two games. They're not losing at home to the Bucs next week. Tampa Bay would struggle with LSU right now. That isn't happening. The smart thing was to get your team in the position to go win the NFC East next week. I think he did the right thing.

Josh: It was all about Romo. After he hurt his hand, there wasn't much sense in sending him back out there, knowing how remote the Wild Card odds really were. And with him out, there wasn't a great chance of the Cowboys beating the Eagles, anyway.

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