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Cowboys Mailbag: December 28, 2011

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Brendan Mcauley - New York, NY: Which team do you feel benefits most in this rematch from what they saw in Week 14? Who has the best chance of fixing their respective breakdowns?

Nick: I think the Giants have the better chance to be better this time around. We saw them with breakdowns in coverage as well, but playing at home, it's easier to get more pass rush, which would help on the back end. For both teams, it comes down to playing better in the secondary. I give the edge to the Giants though.

Rob: I truly believe the winner will get better play from their secondary, and that might include creating an extra possession for their offense. Pass rush is part of that. Both defenses allowed far too many passing yards the first time around. It'll be interesting to see what energy level the Giants have on defense after so many guys played an unusually high number of snaps against the Jets last week.

Eric Bender - Larkspur, CO: Based on Saturday's game against Philly and what you know about him, do you see Stephen McGee as the backup to Tony Romo next year or do the Cowboys need to go out and try and sign another veteran?

Nick: I see the McGee being one of the backups, but it wouldn't surprise me if they signed a vet or drafted another guy in the middle rounds. McGee would likely be the backup but he hasn't really shown signs that he will one day be the starter. So saying that, I think you always keep looking.

Rob: I've always thought McGee has had the physical tools to be successful in this league; he just didn't get that pro-style experience in college. Not sure if the Philly game can be his only evaluation because it's tough coming in with no first-team reps the entire season. That said, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Cowboys signed a veteran or drafted another quarterback for competition. Jon Kitna hasn't announced anything about his future, but his contract's up and retirement would seem to be a real possibility.

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