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Cowboys Mailbag: February 21, 2012

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STEPHEN JESTER SHREVEPORT, LA: How involved do you think Jason Garrett is in free agency? Does he have a say on how salary cap dollars are used?

Nick: I would think he has a say in the players that come here and he obviously can stress the importance of each guy mentioned. That's when Jerry & Stephen Jones need to do their jobs and figure out how to make it happen. I don't think Garrett worries about the specifics of the cap, and I bet that's by choice.

Rob:He's not exactly running the numbers. He's not a capologist. That's more for Stephen, Jerry and their front office executives. But sure, Garrett does have plenty of say in what's needed within a certain budget – and that's decided by the organization. Stephen has assumed more and more of those responsibilities in recent years.

JUAN REYNA EL CAMPO, TX: After a full offseason, do the Cowboys believe David Arkin should be ready from a physical standpoint? How long will they give him?

Nick: Well, he's going to get longer than most because of his fourth-round status. He's a small-school guy who needs more time in the weight room. This should be a big offseason for him. But it has to be a little disappointing that he couldn't contribute at all, especially considering guard was a rough spot for the Cowboys all season, forcing them to sign two veterans from the street, start a seventh-round rookie (Bill Nagy) and play another undrafted rookie (Kevin Kowalski).

Rob: That's their hope, and I think they'll be patient with him. They believe the talent is there, but last year was a big jump from Missouri State without an offseason. That being said, it shouldn't prevent them from taking a long look at a guard in free agency or the draft. Montrae Holland and Derrick Dockery are free agents, and Kyle Kosier's entering his mid-30s.

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