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Cowboys Mailbag: February 9, 2012

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Preston Dews - Colorado Springs, CO: If Laurent Robinson leaves, where do the Cowboys turn at that position? Another free agent, an early draft pick, or someone already on the roster?

Nick: I would think that scenario would lead the Cowboys to possibly looking into the draft – maybe in the early to middle rounds. I've said for a while now that it'd be nice to find a player who can also help in the return game. Maybe find that speedy slot guy who has punt return ability. But I think the first priority would be to re-sign Robinson if possible. And when you look past Bryant and Austin on the depth chart, I wouldn't say any of those next receivers would be safe to make the roster next year. They're all going to have to fight for it.

Josh: They should be able to find a veteran comparable to Robinson who doesn't come with the same salary requirements. Remember what Robinson was when he got here in September. He didn't have much of a reputation, either. I think they should go that route as opposed to an early draft pick, and I don't think they have anyone on the roster who you'd be comfortable with as a starter. We're talking about the third receiver spot, and the fourth option in the passing game. I wouldn't be breaking the bank for anybody, or spending another high draft pick on the position. This team has far greater needs.

Fred London - Knoxville, TX: Do you think Marcus Spears could play nose tackle? He seems like a better fit for it than Jay Ratliff.

Nick: I wouldn't say better fit. If Spears were moved to the nose this year I don't see him making the Pro Bowl. I think maybe what you're saying is Ratliff would be a better fit at end – or if they flipped spots you might get more production out of both of them. Spears does have the body for it and I think it's possible he could play that. Not a bad idea but I think before they move Ratliff to DE, they've got to find someone who can adequately replace him in the middle. They haven't found that yet, although we can't really say they've looked very hard.

Josh: Well, his body type is a little more traditional for the spot than Ratliff's is, I guess. I'm absolutely on board with moving Ratliff to end, and I guess Spears could be start of the solution at nose tackle if he is, in fact, moved. It'll be interesting to see if they try it.

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