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Cowboys Mailbag: January 11, 2012

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Donnie Leger - Norfolk, VA: Do you see the apparent hiring of a former play-caller in Bill Callahan as an indication Jason Garrett intends to focus more on the responsibilities of a head coach?

Rob: I'd be shocked if Garrett didn't call plays in 2012. Callahan is a good offensive mind who has been a head coach and most recently an offensive line coach. He seems like a good fit to replace Hudson Houck because he also can coordinate the run game during the week the way Houck did. But this is Garrett's offense – has been for five years.

Josh: Nope. It's Garrett's offense, it's been productive, and that's not changing. He will call the plays and oversee the game-planning. Callahan can be leaned on for some sage offensive advise and assist in the planning because of his background and experience, but I don't think he's coming in to lighten the load on Garrett by any stretch of the imagination.

Ron Harley - Portland, TX: Dave Campo took the fall, but was it the coaching that was bad or our secondary personnel that still needs to be flushed?

Rob: I always say it's a combination of both. By possibly adding Jerome Henderson to the staff, Rob Ryan is getting more influence in who coaches his defense. He probably needs that. That being said, this looks more like a personnel issue for the entire defense, not just the secondary. Pass rush dictates coverage. The Cowboys have had five different defensive coordinators since 2006 and three different coordinators since 2010. At some point, it's about the talent and depth on defense and whether there's simply enough, aside from a few good-to-great players.

Josh: Well, anytime the personnel doesn't perform, the coaching is the first thing to go, but the Cowboys would be crazy if they thought a new secondary coach was going to simply fix what ails this defense. They need new talent. A better pass rush, a corner who still has his legs, some linebackers who can flow to the ball and a defensive line that can push the pocket. Changing out the 50-or-60 something on the sideline is only going to do so much.

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