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Cowboys Mailbag: January 18, 2012

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CESAR PAYAN SAN LUIS, SON: Guard Carl Nicks of the Saints has been mentioned as a possibility for the Cowboys in a few places. How likely is it the Cowboys would make another Leonard Davis kind of signing?

Nick:It's probably possible. I think it'd be a good position to shore up before you get to the draft. This team doesn't want to take a guard that high, and they never have in the past. As for Davis, let's not forget he was a three-time Pro Bowler so it was probably a pretty good signing for this club.

Josh: I think that would be a pretty good use of funds, if the deal was structured right. Nicks is just a little under a year and a half younger than Davis was when the Cowboys signed him. I don't think Davis was a bad signing, by any means, but you would probably have to be prepared to eat some of the contract on the back end, as was the case with Davis. I think it's a better way to address the guard need than through the draft. You could miss on a draft pick, but you pretty much know what you're getting with a guy like Nicks. And besides, how often do you get to pick in the top half of the first round? Do you really want to spend that pick on a guard?

DANNY KAUFFMAN ENOLA, PA: With his tremendous speed, is there any possibility that Bruce Carter gets bumped to outside linebacker if Anthony Spencer is not brought back?

Nick: I don't see that move right now. I know you look at the measurables of each player and they're not far off. But Carter is a true linebacker and that 3-4 OLB is really just a defensive end with athleticism. Now, that doesn't mean Rob Ryan can't use Carter in a few more rushing situations, but I don't see that happening. Remember, Carter will probably be used as the starting ILB next to Sean Lee.

Josh: And then that opens up a need at inside linebacker, assuming the Cowboys were penciling in Carter to start for them next to Sean Lee. He's a run and tackle player and a coverage guy, not a pass rusher. Draft a pass rusher for the need at outside linebacker.

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