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Cowboys Mailbag: June 1, 2012

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JAMES ADAMS QUEEN CREEK, AZ:With Mike Jenkins holding out and Morris Claiborne still out with an injury, how is Orlando Scandrick holding up on the outside? Is there still any hope he can succeed as a starter if needed?

Nick: I think Scandrick is a competitive guy and he's going to scrap and claw and fight his way through anything. He probably feels a bit slighted that they drafted Claiborne and signed Carr but he's the type of guy who will likely play better because of it. He's a slot guy and that's where he's at his best. On the outside, I think his size gets the better of him. Of course, if an injury takes place and it usually does at CB, he'll move outside. But I think he's probably the No. 3 CB regardless who is here.

Josh: Scandrick has always looked very capable of playing on the outside in training camp and OTAs. That's because he does have some skills, but he's also more of a competitor than a lot of the receivers he's going against, and most of the guys he's guarding in those practices aren't starting-caliber, exactly. But bigger guys have been a problem for him during the regular season. Remember, he's still only 25. If he has to start and play outside at some point, I think he'll be at least serviceable as he gains more experience.

TERRANCE WATKINS RICHMOND, VA: Do you think the Cowboys will try to get Victor Butler on the field more this season? How?

Nick:Yes, I think they will try. But it's not easy. He's a situational guy and if the situation – usually third-and-long – calls for him to rush the passer, he'll be there. But he's not that great against the run and it's hard to spell a guy like Spencer or Ware for a series because they are fearful he will be a liability against the run. I see a role for him, but I do think we get fooled in that he gets more pressure on the QB so we feel like he's better than Spencer. If Butler is better off the edge than Spencer, it's by a closer margin than Spencer is better than Butler against the run.

Josh: Jerry Jones has talked him up quite a bit this offseason, and he must be getting those positive reviews from the coaches. So I do think they'll find ways to get him on the field a little more. But the Cowboys love what they have in DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer, so there is a natural limit as to just how many snaps he can get. He played quite a bit last year, I thought.

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