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Cowboys Mailbag: June 13, 2012

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KEVIN JESTER CROWLEY, TX:In your opinion, have the Cowboys been fair to Mike Jenkins?

Rob: I really can understand both sides here. Jenkins played through multiple injuries last year, including a pretty serious shoulder injury in December that required surgery. I'm sure he would like to be rewarded for that. At the same time, this is a business and the Cowboys have a right to add to their cornerback position any way they see fit. That's the cold reality of the NFL for players – their employers are always looking for younger, better and sometimes cheaper options.

Josh: Well, it probably depends who you ask. Obviously he doesn't think so. In the NFL, the biggest pay day a guy will ever get is his second contract, and Jenkins knows that if he's relegated to the third or fourth job on the depth chart, he won't have as many chances to show he's worth a Brandon Carr-size deal. But the Cowboys have to do what they feel is best for their team, and they have. He doesn't have to like it, and apparently he doesn't.

MARK SCHULTZ FOND DU LAC, WI: Do you think there is a player who could come out of nowhere to contribute this year?

Rob: Not sure how much people know about defensive lineman Sean Lissemore, but he arguably was their most efficient player on defense last year. His numbers compare favorably with the Cowboys' starting linemen despite playing a fraction of the snaps. He's disruptive and he can play either nose tackle or end. Even if he doesn't win a starting job, the coaching staff has said they'd like to play him more.

Josh: Lissemore is a guy to look at, but there are others. Clifton Geathers, Andre Holmes and Ron Leary come to mind, but I guess it's about your view of what consistutes "out of nowhere." There will be injuries, and backups will have to step up. You can bet on that.

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