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Cowboys Mailbag: June 20, 2011

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DALE TISDALE - AUSTIN, TX: Why do you think the Cowboys are reluctant to give Tashard Choice a bigger role?

Nick: That's a good question. It must be something they see from him in practice. When he's played in the games, he's been rather productive. Last year, he had some success against the Colts, who are one of the worst run-defenses in the league. Still, he had 100 yards for just the second 100-yard game by any Cowboys RB last year. I know he's not really a great special teams player, something that is needed from the third tailback. It really comes down to being one of those jack-of-all-trades-master-of-nothing type of players. He does a little bit of everything, but nothing that is too special. It'll be interesting to see his role this year. With Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray expected to get most of the reps, will Choice stick around as the No. 3 again? I wouldn't be surprised if the Cowboys at least entertain more offers for a possible trade with Choice.

Josh: I don't really know. When healthy, Felix Jones is potentially a more explosive player. Who knows yet what they're getting in DeMarco Murray. But last year I didn't understand the point of giving Marion Barber continued opportunities when he wasn't making anything of them. Honestly, Choice probably got the short end of the stick in large part because he wasn't paid like Barber, and didn't have Jones' first-round pick status. In drafting Murray, I think they're preparing for him to be gone after this season.

ANDY MORALLER - MIDDLESEX, NJ: Should the Cowboys re-sign Kyle Kosier even if an upgrade is available in free agency?

Nick: I wish that question was that easy. It's really not a black and white situation. You've got a possible salary cap situation that could affect Leonard Davis' status. And then you need to see what upgrade you're referring to and if he's more expensive than re-signing Kosier. Personally, I think Kosier will be back, which means the Cowboys re-sign him, probably to a two-year contract. The biggest question will be Davis, but I'm sure we'll get the chance to answer that one in another question down the line.

Josh: Interesting question there. Honestly, if there's an upgrade out there perhaps the Cowboys should re-sign Kosier and bring in the free agent. That guy could replace Leonard Davis, who didn't play as well as Kosier last year and has a huge contract he can't live up to at this point. As for whether or not there's an upgrade available, that would probably depend on the system that's in place. Doubt they would want to pay the big price tag on a guy like Robert Gallery, but if there are some younger guys out there, then maybe they'll check them out.

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