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Cowboys Mailbag: June 8, 2012

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TOM KUEHN ANOKA, MN:Would Chad Ochocinco be a good third wide receiver option for the Cowboys?

Nick: I don't think so. It looks like his best days aren't just behind him, but way behind him. He didn't seem to give much for the Patriots. I think this team needs backup receivers who can help on special teams and/or be here for a while. I'm sticking with the young guys until mid-camp and then I'd start really looking for a vet if someone hasn't emerged by then.

Rob: No. He's had a good career, but he's 34 and on the downside of his career. Folks who disagree are still living in 2005. There's no need for a progress stopper when they've got at least five young receivers they want to evaluate in training camp.

CALEB RESINGER FORT WAYNE, IN Should we be concerned with the reports about DeMarcus Ware's lingering neck issues? Is this something that could cut his career short, or something that's being overblown?

Nick:Yes and yes. Yes I think you should always be concerned about any lingering injury, especially one to the neck area and for your best overall player. But it's June and he's missed a few OTA practices. It probably doesn't take a whole lot to keep a guy out of OTAs this time of year. Not saying it's completely overblown, but I wouldn't start worrying until he starts missing significant time closer to the season.

Rob: Ware missing practice last week was overblown. He was getting everything checked as a precaution (test results were good) during voluntary workouts. But the fact that he says the stingers have cropped up off and on since that scary incident in 2009 means it's something he and the Cowboys must keep an eye on. He has ordered special pads for extra protection, and he's in good hands with the staff here. He says it's something he'll probably have to deal with at times.

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