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Cowboys Mailbag: March 1, 2012

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DARRON LAMBERT WASHINGTON , DC: Do Jerry and Stephen Jones ever consider the reason Tony Romo continues to come up short is because they refuse to bring in anyone who can actually threaten his job?

Rob: Romo had a career season without anyone threatening his spot. I believe – I truly hope, at least – most fans see that a new quarterback wouldn't complete the needed tweaks on defense and the offensive line to make the overall team more competitive.

Josh: Sorry, I just can't envision bringing in competition as something that would light a fire under Tony Romo's butt and in turn help the team. What's he going to do, throw harder? More likely, if you signed somebody like Peyton Manning as a backup (this is so ridiculous to even think about), it would get in Romo's head and he'd play tight. That's not what you want. Here's an idea if you're tired of Romo coming up short – get him an offensive line and a defense!

TONY RICHARDS ALLEN, TX: What are the your thoughts on the ability of Raymond Radway to return and make the team? I think he showed a lot of skill last year.

Rob: Radway's serious leg injury in the final seconds of a meaningless preseason game was one of the most tragic things I've seen covering this team. Just awful. The Cowboys placed him on injured reserve, thereby retaining his rights. It will all depend on his recovery, but right now there could be as many as three receiver openings on the 53-man roster.

Josh: As gruesome as his injury was, and as long as the recovery has been – it's still ongoing – I can't imagine he just walks onto the field at training camp and picks up where he left off. He's going to be severely challenged to even be ready to practice football this summer, much less make the team. But I imagine the Cowboys will keep him around on PUP or the IR for another season. It really was a shame what happened to him last year. That kind of injury would be awful at any time, but to happen in the final seconds of the last preseason game, that was just cruel.

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