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Cowboys Mailbag: March 12, 2012

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Mike Allison - Milan, IL: I keep reading the young offensive linemen need time to develop. How can they develop without playing?

Nick: That's a good question. More than anything, these young linemen need to develop more in the weight room. These next few months will be very important to guys like David Arkin, Bill Nagy and Kevin Kowalski. And they need to develop as players, but if the opportunity to get a quality veteran in free agency comes along, that must be weighed into the mix. But even if a veteran is signed, I think he would replace Kyle Kosier and that would leave another guard spot open.

Rob: The "let them develop" argument held water last year because a guy like David Arkin never got a full offseason, and he needs to add strength. So does Bill Nagy, even though he started some games last year. Jermey Parnell is a great athlete but had never really played the position. Tyron Smith was the exception, and he needed to be if the Cowboys were going to spend a top-10 pick on him. I'd just say you better be careful about who you throw out there to protect Tony Romo, who has gotten seriously hurt in each of the last two seasons.

Alan Taylor - Mansfield, UK: With Washington trading up for Robert Griffin, the Cowboys will now have at least four games a year against highly mobile QBs, Michael Vick and RG3. Would you let this affect your defensive draft strategy, or am I over-thinking again?

Nick: Good question. But I don't think you change your defense because of four games you will play. If you think about it, the way to stop those guys is to match them with speed. Getting speed on defense is something you will always try to do. So acquiring big, fast linebackers or mobile defensive ends, or speedy safeties who can hit and tackle are always going to be the game plan, whether you're facing Robert Griffin, Michael Vick or Eli Manning.

Rob: It means they need more speed on defense, but that was the case anyway. They're taking a step in that direction at inside linebacker with Sean Lee and eventually Bruce Carter. Say what you want about Anthony Spencer, but he's not a bad guy to have against some of those bootlegs they'll see from Griffin in Washington.

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