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Cowboys Mailbag: March 27, 2012

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Dijon Kinney - Columbus, OH: Could you see the Cowboys moving up for Quinton Coples, or hoping he falls to them? Would he be an outside linebacker here, or a defensive end? And how good would he be at either position?

Nick: I just don't see the Cowboys moving up too far to get anyone. Now if they're in love with a certain player and they're shocked he's still around after 10 or 11 picks, then possibly I could see that scenario. As for Coples, he's a defensive end in any scheme. Rather he's off the edge in a 4-3 or a 3-4 defensive end, I think that will be his position. The book on him is that he's not a high-motor guy but when he decides to turn it on, he can be dominating. I see a lot of Chris Canty in this guy. Not sure how much of a positive that is.

Josh: I just don't think they have such a huge need right now at any position that it would be worth trading future picks to move up. If he fell to them, I think they could be interested in him as a 3-4 end who might be able to supply a pretty decent pass rush when sliding inside to defensive tackle in nickel situations. But even if he were available at No. 14, I wouldn't be shocked if the Cowboys went another direction.

Jeremy Aldez - Sweetwater, TX: Do you feel the wide receiver position is something that should be addressed in the early rounds of the draft or taken care of in the scrap pile of free agency?

Nick: Hmm, the way you worded it – if I have to choose I'd say earlier in the draft. We've seen what the "scrap pile" brings at that position – Ogletree, Holley, Andre Holmes and so on. I guess you'd have to mention Miles Austin in there as well so it's not always a bad thing. If this position is addressed early, I think it has to be on someone who can also by dynamic in the return game. I'm biased with my Arkansas ties, but I really think return specialist Joe Adams would be a great fit, probably as a third-round pick.

Josh: There are a couple ways to think of free agency, I guess. Obviously an undrafted receiver couldn't step in and become a No. 3 this year. But a cheap, under-the-radar veteran free agent? Yeah, why not? That's what Laurent Robinson was. I wouldn't be spending premium draft picks on a third wide receiver if I were running the draft.

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