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Cowboys Mailbag: March 28, 2012

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Hank Culligan - Oshawa, ON: What are the chances of the Cowboys packaging some later picks to move up on Day 2 of the draft? Say they traded a fourth and fifth for a late third. I think they need quality over quantity. No need to take eight guys and cut four or five of them.

Nick: I agree with the quality over quantity mantra in this case. I wouldn't be opposed to that theory if the opportunity presented itself. Of course, it's hard to have that philosophy when Jay Ratliff was picked in the seventh round. I know some teams think the more times you get to throw things against the wall, the better chance you have for something to stick. Then again, nothing really stuck in 2009. So overall, I think I agree with your reasoning here.

Josh: In general I actually think quantity over quality is the better approach, but the 2009 disaster is just too recent to take that approach. Too often lately the Cowboys have been getting nothing for their late-round picks. You want it to be difficult for those guys to make the team, but what good did it do the Cowboys to use picks on Brandon Williams, DeAngelo Smith, Stephen Hodge, Mike Mickens, Manny Johnson, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Sam Young, Jamar Wall, Josh Thomas and Shaun Chapas? Trade up, I say.

Gregory Camarillo - Scranton, PA: What are the roles you predict for Josh Brent and Sean Lissemore next year?

Nick: That's a good question and probably a better one after the draft. If that turns out to be a position addressed, then we might have different answers. In regards to Lissemore, he'll have a role somewhere. He's started to show himself more and more and even DL coach Brian Baker said he probably should've used him more. He'll play at DE or DT. As for Brent, he's the only true backup to Jay Ratliff so he'll be in the mix. But I wouldn't not draft a quality nose tackle because I had Brent on the team.

Josh: If there were a game Sunday I think Lissemore would be used quite a bit. The Cowboys really liked what he did in limited action last year. But I don't see the Cowboys moving Jay Ratliff out of nose tackle so they can start Brent. And if they did draft a nose tackle early, moving Ratliff to end, then Brent would still be a backup. That's probably his future here.

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