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Cowboys Mailbag: March 29, 2012

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EVAN CUNNINGHAM EDINBURG, TX: If the Cowboys are intent on selecting an Alabama defender, who do you think is most deserving of pick No. 14?

Rob:Unless there's a head-and-shoulders difference, I'd lean toward the cornerback or the pass rusher because I agree with Jerry Jones – those are "premium positions." Mark Barron fits a need, but he better be a Pro Bowl player for the Cowboys to take a safety that high, especially for Rob Ryan's scheme. So I'd say Dre Kirkpatrick or Courtney Upshaw. There's probably a greater need for Upshaw right now unless Kirkpatrick can play some safety. Is he the right fit as an outside linebacker, though? That's something they'd have to decide.

Josh: First of all, I think some other local websites are getting a little carried away making the assumption that this is the direction the Cowboys will go. Jason Garrett stopped in Tuscaloosa for the pro day. So what? But having seen Alabama play quite a bit, I'll say that the guy who really jumps out to me is the corner, Kirkpatrick. I think he has great size for the position, at a time when every other wide receiver is 6-4 or 6-5. The other guys give me pause. I don't know if Upshaw has the right build to dominate on the edge. I don't know if Dont'a Hightower is seen as worthy of the 14th pick. As for Barron, I'm leery of taking a safety so early.

MICHAEL HILLIARD PULLMAN, WA: If the Cowboys could pick him up for the right price, do you think they would entertain the thought of bringing in Johnny Knox from Chicago?

Rob:First, I don't believe he's a free agent until after 2012. Reports out of Chicago say his back surgery rehab will spill into the start of the season. Best of luck to him, but he's not a player the Cowboys could count on to help right away.

Josh: I certainly wish him well in his recovery, but there are no guarantees he'll ever play again, much less be the same guy he was. A few people have thrown this out there, but you have to consider the level of risk involved. If and when he comes back it'll be a great story. Just let it be a great story for the Bears.

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