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Cowboys Mailbag: May 11, 2012

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FRANK WILKINS ROANOKE, VA: What will the Cowboys do with the sudden inflow of cash on hand if the salary cap penalty is overturned?

Rob: Don't expect a shopping spree. They missed out on using it during the first wave of free agency, when better players were available. At this point you're looking for bargains. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep looking for another tight end or possibly a receiver. For now, they'll take the cap relief from Terence Newman's release next month and use it to get Morris Claiborne signed.

Josh: I wouldn't expect too much to get done if they do, in fact, get the $5 million back for this year. Maybe they would use it to restructure some of the free agent contracts they made, alleviating cap pressure down the road. Jerry Jones said that the penalty didn't stop the Cowboys from signing anyone, but it did force them to lump more money into future seasons, which you would hope to avoid, if you could.

JOE DELGADO FORT WORTH, TX: Isn't it a little presumptuous to pencil in Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne as the starting cornerbacks? What if Claiborne and Mike Jenkins outperform Brandon Carr in training camp?

Rob:I don't care what the team says – when you pay a guy $50 million, including some $25 million guaranteed, he's your starting cornerback. Competition is important, and Jason Garrett has done a good job of trying to create that culture here. But money does factor in somewhere. Of course, that's not to say Carr can't lose his job during the season if he really struggles. You can't sacrifice wins. But it's certainly his job in Week 1, and probably for the next five years.

Josh: I don't think it's presumptuous at all. This is the real world. Jason Garrett and every other coach in the league can talk about competition, but the guys who get paid a lot tend to play. Now, that's partly because they're better, on the whole, and it's partly because the team needs them to be better. Carr will start. Claiborne will probably start. If he's the best defensive player in the draft, you would think he's better than or equal to Mike Jenkins, and will get even better with playing time.

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