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Cowboys Mailbag: May 14, 2012

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DONALD FORD HIGHLAND, CA: Do you see a possibility of Kyle Orton taking the starting job from Tony Romo at some point? Orton's contract runs one year longer than his. Might Romo not be re-signed?

Nick: I don't see that happening. I think for that scenario to occur, Romo would likely have to get injured and Orton would need to come in and perform much better. I think you could argue that it happened like that in 2010 when Jon Kitna replaced Romo and the team won more games. But looking at the way they played and the numbers, Kitna really didn't out-perform Romo, he just managed the game differently. Either way, I don't see Orton being a better QB than Romo, so it's hard to fathom that he'll one day beat him out and starting.

Josh: Anything's possible, you know, but those are some long odds. There's a reason Romo is the second-highest rated passer of all time and Orton is a journeyman who was happy to accept a backup job this year. I don't think Romo is about to fall off the face of the Earth. Odds are he'll be re-signed to a mammoth contract in a couple years.

MARTY KLEBER NUTLEY, NM: I'm wondering why the 'Boys haven't re-signed Frank Walker. He played well last year and is an inexpensive and experienced corner. If not him, do we have a fifth cornerback?

Nick:Guys like that are signed in Week 2 for a reason. The Cowboys don't want Frank Walker to be their fifth corner. They'd rather it be Mario Butler or even Teddy Williams. Having to pay about $900,000 for that fifth guy is about twice what they'd prefer, plus you're not really developing anyone for the future. But, when you get to that point in the season and realize you need more stability, that's when guys like him are signed. I also think you can argue just how well he played last year. He was solid, but not really good enough where you can't hope for an upgrade.

Josh: I think you might be overrating his play last year. The Cowboys' decision to not even dress him in the biggest game of the year, at New York in Week 17, would tend to back up my point. He was OK at times, bad at others, and will only be worse now that he's a year older. They ought to find somebody with a little upside for that fifth spot. But yes, I do think they'll keep five corners.

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