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Cowboys Mailbag: May 22, 2012

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JOSH RAMOS CLOVIS, CA:Under what circumstance does trading Mike Jenkins become the likely scenario? The Cowboys shopped him around during the draft, and now he wants to be traded. So what's stopping a deal?

Nick: Sounds like you've got all the facts. Since this is exactly what Jenkins wants and the Cowboys indeed tried to trade him. Lot of assumptions there. If it's not a first- or high-second round pick, I wouldn't do it. You don't need to trade this guy. He's a good player with a cheap contract. If he's unhappy, he'll get over it. He needs to have a good season more than the Cowboys need him to.

Josh: Well, Jerry Jones has shot down that idea that they tried to trade him, though that doesn't necessarily make it so. The only way it becomes imperative, I think, is if Jenkins either doesn't report for training camp, or he gets around here and becomes insolent. The Cowboys don't absolutely have to move him, but he still has some leverage.

RICARDO SEGOVIA HOUSTON, TX: Would you want a player or a pick for Mike Jenkins? What is the least you would take?

Nick:I would take a high-second round pick for Mike Jenkins this year. Other than that, he needs to suit up and play. I think we're all assuming he's the clear-cut No. 3 corner. He might be that way in terms of investment because of Carr and Claiborne. But I don't think it's a slam dunk that Carr is a better player than Jenkins. Had Jenkins been a free agent this year, he might have warranted the same contract.

Josh: Not really a preference on the player or pick thing, but of course a pick in 2013 does nothing to help you this year, defeating the idea of having three good corners. I think if you could fill another need position, like wide receiver, tight end or safety, it would be better than getting a third or fourth round pick. I wouldn't take anything less than a second-round pick.

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