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Cowboys Mailbag: May 29, 2012

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MICHAEL RICKE MADISON, SD:Last year it was Sean Lee. What player on the current roster do you see as this season's breakout player?

Nick: That's a good question and a few possibilities. A lot of people are putting Sean Lissemore in that category and I don't have any problems with that. He might be headed for big things. But I think I'll go with the guy playing next to Lee. Second-year LB Bruce Carter could have a big season, especially if he's now 100 percent healthy. Speed and quickness isn't something the Cowboys have had much of at inside linebacker here of late. Carter brings a new dimension with his athleticism and assuming he could find a way to stay healthy, I think he might just be ready to take off right alongside Lee.

Rob: As long as he stays healthy, it should be Dez Bryant. It needs to be Dez Bryant. He's too talented, he's playing with an upper-echelon quarterback and he's been in the same system for three years now. I foresee a 1,000-yard season from him.

JOHN BUI LONG BEACH, CA: If Brandon Carr has been a right-side corner, why move him to the left side? Isn't it the more premium position because it is the strong side for most quarterbacks? Seems you would want the No. 6 overall pick in that spot.

Nick:Maybe they see it differently. Like they want the four-year veteran who has seen just about everything you can see from an offense on that left side, and let the rookie Morris Claiborne work his way into the mix on the right side. But I would imagine, judging from Rob Ryan's defenses last year, both players will be all over the field. I wouldn't think it's something to worry about. If Carr struggles, I'm sure they will find a way to move him back and put Claiborne on that side.

Rob: I see it a little like Tyron Smith's situation last year. Claiborne has the talent to eventually play the left, but I'd rather let the fifth-year veteran start there and let Claiborne cut his teeth on the back side. Besides, they just paid $50 million to Carr. You'd like him to accept the biggest responsibility and be the leader back there, right?

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